Monday, April 27, 2009

Carrots are for suckers

This evening when I was making dinner I decided to shred some carrots into the taco meat. Not in the "I-love-these-kids-so-much-so-I-want-to-help-them-be-healthy" way but in the "ha-ha-ha-take-that-suckers" way. I was almost cackling with glee while I shredded that carrot.

Sometimes the dark side takes over me.

After shredding for what seemed like an eternity and I had just the right amount of carrots disguised as bits of ground beef and taco seasoning I stopped shredding. I still had about a half of a carrot left in my hand and it needed to be used so I cut it into 7 carrot sticks and put them in a little bowl.

Andrew explained to the kids that they didn't have to take a carrot stick. Tonight vegetables were optional for kids; they were only required for cool people.

Much to my surprise the kids eagerly passed the bowl around the table and each took a carrot. Even Rachel ate a carrot (without spitting it out after she chewed it)!

That kind of took the wind out of my evil-genius sails.

Couldn't they have been at least a little bit upset about eating carrot sticks tonight? That would have made my efforts seem worth it. Had I known I wasn't going to get any complaints about them I wouldn't have bothered to shred them into the taco meat.

Curses! Foiled again! *Sigh.*


  1. lol. If Andrew hadn't said what he did about only cool people eating carrots, you can bet they'd still be sitting in the bowl! :)

  2. Hey, I have been known, to take baby food veggies and mix them into sauces, pancakes all sorts of stuff. I have weird kids though, they like spinach and brussel sprouts and even asparagus...I hope I spellled those right.

  3. I've tried to shredding carrots thing once--for spaghetti sauce! It is hard work.

  4. I couldn't help but laugh at your evil scheming. You just don't seem like the type...but then people say that about me too, and I fool them all the time. Haha. I'm glad the kids enjoyed the carrots though. And they got extra, just for the healthy part, in their ground beef too. ;)

  5. I love the fact that Kelli spelled all of the vegetables right, but misspelled "spellled". :)