Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Yesterday Andrew returned from campus and deposited his stuff in the office, which had been perfectly clean when he left for school in the morning. When I saw him standing in the kitchen I gasped and asked him if he had been into the office yet (because Rachel had been using his desk and had scattered papers and crayons and junk all over it. I had meant to have it cleared off before he got home).

"Yeah—I just dropped my backpack off in there. Why?" he asked.

Oh, no reason.

Just paper and crayons and dress ups and Barbies, ponies and staplers and glue sticks and markers...

You know...nothing.

Now I know not to worry about what state the house is when he comes home because he won't notice.

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  1. I know for me I'm just glad to get to kiss my wife. I don't really care what the house looks like.