Tuesday, May 28, 2019

School's out for summer!

I can hardly believe it, but somehow we made it through the entire school year. We outgrew our shoes, gained a few inches, put on a few pounds, lost a few teeth, and we have a few more holes in our knees (and a few more holes in our hearts), but we're really none the worse for wear. 

The last week of school was busy, but full of fun. Rachel had a hike and a dance and a barbecue, which I'll maybe post about some day. It's hard to believe that she'll be headed to middle school next year (but it's even harder to believe that next year will be Miriam's last year of elementary school—their elementary school here is K–6, but their elementary school in Georgia is only K–5 (I think I prefer keeping them in elementary school that extra year, honestly)). 

Here's Benjamin saying farewell to his teacher, Ms. Cope (and wearing, oddly enough, the same outfit he wore on the first day of school):

Here's Miriam with her teacher, Mrs. Gregory, at her organ recital this spring (I didn't get a goodbye picture in her classroom):

And here is Rachel (and Zoë) with Mrs. Elzinga at the 6th grade graduation barbecue (which we had to hold indoors because it has been raining nonstop nearly the entire month of May, which is kind of whacky considering we live in a desert):

I have absolutely zero plans for the children this summer (other than shlepping them all across the country), so I hope they're ready to get creative and fend for themselves (because I have all sorts of getting-ready-to-move projects planned for myself and I'm not sure how much entertaining I'll be able to manage).

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