Sunday, July 28, 2019

Today's notes

We are not unpacking in one fell swoop, but we're ever so slowly settling in.

Today we tamed the yard a bit. And by we I mean Andrew.

He trimmed some overgrown hedges, mowed and edged the lawn, and who knows what else. We found that we actually have a decent-sized lawn in the front that's probably big enough to set up the badminton net (Rachel is dying to find out).

We also managed to clear out half of our garage, so now the van is parked inside! Not everything we brought into the house got put away, but it's in the house and we're finding places for things.


Closets are weirding me out. I have a few hallway closets and I absolutely don't know what to do with them because I've never really had closets before. We had one in our first apartment, none in Egypt or Jordan, none when we lived with Andrew's parents in Orem, one in our Hummingbird Lane house (but the closet also housed the washer and dryer so it wasn't as if it was a very big closet), and one when we lived with Andrew's parents in Spanish Fork.

So I kind of keep forgetting that we can put things into closets. I keep thinking we need to assemble a shelf to put things on. We have two hallway closets upstairs and two hallway closets downstairs, which I'm sure I'll get used to (and which I'm sure will be filled up in no time).


We are entering our last week of summer break, which I'm both looking forward to and not.

I don't feel like we really got to do summer, which is disappointing. But we did move across the country, so that's got to count for something. We'll have to plan a beach trip sometime soon. 

I think it will be nice for the kids to start up at their new schools and meet some kids in the area. They're ready for some playmates who aren't each other for a change. 

Rachel and Miriam were invited to spend the afternoon with some girls in our ward and they had a ton of fun painting and going to a cool park and even to a British candy shop. 

We've all been at each other's throats so it was nice for them to get some fresh air and fresh company.


  1. Are there many children in your neighborhood, or is it too early to tell? I'm glad the older girls enjoyed the ward outing! Sounds fun!

    I had one hall closet besides the laundry closet at my old house, and I used it for extra towels and sheets and blankets. Wow that you have FOUR! Lucky! Maybe one for board games if you have a lot of those to store. Yeah, I'm sure you'll fill them in no time, once you get everything unpacked.

    Glad you found a bigger front yard!

    1. It's too early to tell. We've met a couple but a lot of kids go to summer camps all day (we're odd ducks out because we just stay home).