Sunday, September 18, 2022

Getting there (Sept. 10)

I will slowly make my way through the week that I spent in Utah...beginning with our flight out, which was a lovely mid-afternoon flight. Grandpa drove us to the airport and dropped us off at curbside check-in, which meant I could check my luggage outside and walk through the airport with only my carry-on (plus a baby) in tow, which was nice. 

Phoebe and I made it to our gate with plenty of time to spare, even though I forgot to take my computer out of my backpack (so they had to scan my luggage twice). Phoebe loved looking out the big window at all the airport happenings (and you can see her little air filter by her feet; I was so nervous about flying it's not even funny).

The flight itself was fairly peaceful. Phoebe fell asleep before we even took off, then woke up when the engines roared to life, and then fell right back asleep for most of the trip.

Everyone kept their blinds closed because the sun seemed fairly intent on melting the plane—it was hitting those windows so strongly! That meant that even though I had a window seat I didn't get to see the Great Salt Lake as we landed (Andrew said to be sure to look because I would be surprised by how low it is, but I simply could not look without being absolutely blinded). Still, sitting by the window was great. I had an aisle seat on the way home and it was...less nice....because I like to park myself and just not move until the flight is over (but rarely do my seat mates live by the same creed). 

Anyway, my mom and Josie picked us up at the airport and drove us down to my friend Tamsin's house to borrow a stroller. I thought about bringing my own, but between a baby, a car seat, a backpack, diaper bag, and suitcase, I simply didn't feel like I could manage one more thing to push or pull. Fortunately, Tamsin had a couple of strollers on hand—and she even lent me a rain cover, which came in very handy because for whatever reason we had a rather wet week in Utah (while it was as dry as could be in Georgia).

Here I am with Tamsin, whose poor little boy was sick inside:

We got to meet sweet Millie when we arrived at my parents' house (there's a few pictures of that meeting on the previous post). I'll get back here soon but for now I, uh, have to finish a paper that I put off writing all week long!

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