Friday, September 23, 2022

The Heiss Fam

My mom and brother drove me up to Salt Lake to visit with our Heiss relatives on Tuesday (September 13), which leaves me wondering what we did on Monday. Probably just recovered from having visited so many people on Sunday, honestly. 

Andrew asked me what we did while we weren't doing our (honestly few) social things and it left me gasping like a goldfish. 

Blub. Blub. I dunno. Blub. Blub.

I mean, I did have a couple of meetings for school/work and tried to find time to do some of my readings. But...I...dunno...we just...hung out. Went for little walks to soak up that view of the mountains, a view which is familiar and intoxicating in a way that the trees and forests surrounding our home to the east is not (although I love all the trees, and I love Appalachia, so can hardly explain the allure of the Rockies, but it's there).

Doesn't matter. I'm sure Monday was wonderful and restful. I'll look at my pictures later to see what we did that day.

Tuesday we headed up to visit with the Heisses. Everyone was so excited to meet Phoebe, of course, who in turn couldn't understand why everyone was so excited to see her and wanted only to sit on my lap. But then Grandpa Frank brought out a great big teddy bear for her to play with and she timidly slid off my lap and then darted across the floor to tackle it. 

She loves stuffed animals almost as much as she likes live animals. 

Phoebe surprised me by willingly sitting on Grandpa Frank's lap for a picture. She didn't fuss or squirm, just sat and munched on her little toy banana. Very brave, if you ask me.

Grandpa Frank's observation was, "My, she's heavy!"

And he's not wrong. She's heavy. 

Aunt Nicki also got to try holding Phoebe, who was a little more fussy and wriggly:

And then we sat down to take a picture with all of us—Aunt Becky, Aunt Nicki, Grandpa Frank, Phoebe, and me:

Grandma Pat was also there, but she didn't want her picture taken, which is understandable...though we did beg her for a photo, anyway, because it will be nice for Phoebe to see when she's older (even though that silly banana is stuck in her face the whole time—but at least she's not screaming, right?). So, that's just a note for me, when I'm putting together her baby book and things, to remember that a picture with Grandma Pat exists on my hard drive.

It was lovely to see everyone!

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  1. You did whatever you pleased. As much nothing as possible.