Thursday, September 15, 2022

Saturday is a special day, it's the day that we arrived in Utah

One fun thing I did this trip is forget a card reader for the laptop, so I can't take any pictures off my camera. I do have several on my phone that I could use, but I've also had a very needy baby on my hands (and few reliable ways to distract her since she's a little bit...shy...around others). Still, it's been a wonderful—and rather relaxing—trip for me. Turns out that even when you have a high-maintenance baby along with you, that's still easier than managing multiple children. Go figure.

Ugh. I also just realized that Little Miss Let Me Play With Your Phone turned off the live picture now the picture that I took equals the picture that I get...and I'm a little sad about realizing that because...I'm wishing I could go in and choose the best shot. So hopefully someone out there took better pictures than I did on Saturday and Sunday (I'm looking at you, Patrick, Josie, and David, who all also had their phones "flashing," so to speak—send me all your pictures!).

Still, this picture of meeting Uncle David turned out well:

She was too shell-shocked from the plane ride to protest much when he took her from my arms (but she'd be back to her gusty, self-advocating self before long). Everyone was impressed (shocked?) by how well Phoebe had filled out since her teensy-weensy days. She was such a frail-looking, skinny newborn, a full pound and a half lighter than Millie...and now she's bigger than Millie (who is a couple of months older).

Here are those two sweet cousins getting brave enough to join Auntie Josie in the ball pit:

And here they are tumbling back out again:

They were so funny to watch together, as they tried to navigate how to co-baby together—who got to play with what toy and when, who got to be the ham, who got to be held by which parents. Phoebe, for example, would get very possessive of me whenever she'd catch me with Millie in my arms. And Millie showed her first signs of aggression—giving Phoebe the most delicate, tentative little shove—when Phoebe was playing with a toy that she decided she wanted (those girls spent an entire afternoon "fighting" over a coveted red rectangle block).

It's been wonderful to be here, to be relaxing with my family, to be watching Phoebe meet everyone. I will definitely be posting more once I get home and can go through my pictures (and hopefully will have more pictures from my siblings to go through as well).

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