Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Traditional garb

A neighbour posted a number of costumes she was aiming to get rid of, among them some lederhosen and a dirndl dress—both brand new, size 4T and 6T!! No one else was asking for these (though there were many moms excited about the other costumes being offered—Princess Anna, Olaf, etc.) so I thought I'd grab these, even though I didn't think the kids would want to use them for Halloween. Zoë, I know, has her heart set on being She-Ra.

Anyway, we took a stroll around the block this morning to collect the costumes and were excited to find that they fit perfectly. Zoë and Alexander have been wearing them all day! And Alexander has announce that this is what he'd like to wear for Halloween now (which makes life easy for me). 

We did a little photo shoot out in the garden, by the banana tree, and I told them about their great-grandma coming over to America on a big ship and getting to taste bananas for the very first time (in case you're wondering why we're posing in drindl  and lederhosen by the banana plants.

Here's a cute picture of Phoebe sticking out her little tongue:

And here she is trying to get away from Alexander: 

And here's a picture of them with Grandpa Frank, fresh off his mission to Germany:

Andrew says there's a picture of Opa in lederhosen somewhere, though he isn't sure where it might be. It would be fun to find one day, though, that's for sure!

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  1. Wow, when I look at Grandpa Frank's face in that last photo I see a young Andrew. The family resemblance runs strong!