Monday, February 12, 2007

Don't trifle with dessert

Due to my fantastically brilliant sister, I have saved dessert. Who would ever have thought up something to do with 4 1/2 dozen (ruined) cupcakes? Not me, that's for sure. But my sister could.

See how happy it made Andrew?

Here's my latest recipe:

Take 4 (and a half) dozen mini cupcakes that have completely fallen apart.
Add 1 package of pre-prepared instant vanilla pudding
Dig around your cupboards to find fruit that isn't peaches or pears because that just didn't sound like a good combo (we found some cherries, yum...and festive)

Layer the cupcake remains, pudding, and fruit until you have a beautiful trifle of sorts.

Present it to your husband for a FHE treat and then decide not to have any for yourself because you're pregnant and really can't stand many desserts.

Half an hour later, decide that you really want some even if baby doesn't and then regret it until it has moved through your system.

Overall, not a bad dessert. (And, no, I did not allow Andrew to eat it all in one sitting...there is definitely more left over for tomorrow.)


  1. Nancy, I love that you realized that all of us were wondering if he ate the whole bowl full.

  2. trifles are really very good. My aunt does a great one with angel food cake, vanilla pudding, whipping cream, bananas, and pineapple. As Rachel Ray would say "YUMM-O!"

  3. That is quite the dessert. I am glad that Andrew didn't eat it all in one sitting. I could see him doing that. I loved the cupcake story from before too. Sounds like you and Andrew are always having adventures. When are due to have your baby?