Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Smooth Move

This is a virtual tour of the Periodicals Room in the Harold B. Lee Library, level 2. If you rotate around so that you are facing a row of chairs lined up along a glass wall, you can see just how big the panes of glass are. They're pretty much huge.

Today one of those shattered and rained down on us in Special Collections (we're on level 1).

There was glass everywhere. I'm not even sure how it is possible for it to shatter since the glass is super thick--kind of makes me nervous about airplanes. I mean, this glass was a good 1/2 inch thick or more and there were no sudden altitude/cabin pressure/turbulance changes in the library to force the glass to do this. Must have been a faulty pane or something.

So, there's caution tape up all over the place and people scurrying around to clean up the glass. It's pretty cool, I guess.

Unfortunately, I missed all the excitement because I'm stuck in the back with all the books. Apparently it just shattered, but stayed in tact, so the custodial crew came and made a "controlled" mess in our area so that it didn't explode all over the place.

Pretty cool. I'm sure we'll read about it in the Daily Universe in the next few days.

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  1. that happened at the pool once. I also, was not there, but apparently, during lessons, everyone heard a loud BANG! and one of the panes of glass in the office spiderwebbed. No glass actually fell onto the deck, and then some guy came and made a controlled mess on our office floor! We're not sure why that happened either, although the glass is supposed to be shatter proof (maybe the spiderwebbing action happening then?) and is as old as the building (built in 1977 if I remember correctly.)