Saturday, February 17, 2007

Why is it still there?

Andrew and I like to go for walks around our neighborhood and critique the houses and decide what features we want to have in our dream home. This is even more fun when it's spring and all the lovely flowers are out. We're just starting spring now (I hope), so while I was airing out our house, Andrew and I went for a walk with a specific purpose in mind:

To capture on film (or in our case, memory card) the biggest wasp nest in our neighbourhood. It has been up in that tree the whole time that we've lived here. Every winter (the whole 2 of them) when the wasp nest becomes clearly visible, I think to myself, Surely, they are going to take that down this year! It's huge!

I mean, you can't see it after the leaves open up for the year...not at all. But that's when it's the most dangerous. I mean, here are unsuspecting pedestrians walking underneath the tree when all of a sudden they get attacked by an angry swarm of wasps.

It really is at least as big as a volleyball. I was going to try to get some better shots, but the family (who we don't know) were all out on the lawn and we didn't want to draw too much attention to ourselves. Maybe I'll get some better pictures later on...

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