Saturday, February 17, 2007

Triominoes Trial

To celebrate our newly clean fridge, and to cheer me up from watching Cast Away (my mom, sister, and brother came over to watch it), Andrew and I broke out Triominoes. We had a pretty fun time. I won two rounds pretty easily...but then Andrew caught on. He won one game and then we decided to play just one more.

This last game went on for quite a long while. We each had just one piece that we couldn't get rid of the entire game. It was rather frustrating. Andrew had to think hard.

Traditional Thinking Pose #2
In the end we decided to call it a draw--we both had two pieces and neither of us could play either one--so we counted up our points. I won by 1 point (I had the 4-2-5 and 4-4-4. Andrew had the 4-4-1 and 5-5-5).

After looking at each other's pieces for a while, we still couldn't see anywhere they fit on the board. We decided it was time to go to bed (it is after midnight, after all), so Andrew's in the kitchen tidying up (old habits die hard--he still is in the "Nancy won't enter kitchen" mode) and I am passing the challenge on to you.


  1. Do at least 2 sides have to be touching another triomino? I was thinking that the 2-4-5 could fit on the triomino 0-3-4 and maybe reach to the 5-2-2/5-2-0 just above it. I don't know, I never played triominos before :)

  2. Yup, it has to touch at least two sides...

    You've never played Triominoes before? We'll have to have you and Daniel over so that we can beat you...I mean, play with you!

  3. PS, that would work, but the 5/4 are backwards...

  4. Bring it on. (Weekends work the best for us).