Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fourth of July Ducks

Visiting ducks seems to be the most exciting thing we can think of to do recently. Perhaps it's because Rachel likes animals so much and the ducks at BYU are very friendly. Perhaps it's because we're cheap and visiting ducks is free. Perhaps it's because we're too lazy to get up early and go anywhere and the ducks are just always there. Or perhaps it's because we keep dragging our baby to campus and feel we need to reward her somehow.

We had to return a library book of Andrew's today and since yesterday was so lame, we decided to take a break from packing and have some fun with Rachel.

We didn't have any "bad" bread so we took some pita bread to feed the ducks with. It's a good thing we decided to take bread that was still good because Rachel didn't ever manage to let go of the bread. Every piece we gave her to throw to the ducks ended up in her mouth.

Just kidding! This bread's for me!

We also got to see a mother duck with all twelve of her ducklings trailing behind her. I wonder if mother ducks ever get sick of their ducklings following them around everywhere. If so, I definitely can empathize.

Rachel has recently become my shadow. She follows me everywhere, holding my hand if I'm lucky--pulling on my pantleg if I'm not. I swear, she has to be touching me all day long! If I manage to get away from her for a minute, she walks around the house whining until she finds me again. To help keep me sane, I put her in the front carrier as long as I can stand it, but she's just getting too heavy to be carried around all day long. I hope it's just a stage she's going through--it must be because she never used to be quite this clingy!

I suppose I'm just lucky that Rachel was a singleton and not a duodecaplet!


  1. It is just possible that all this packing and travelling and getting ready to leave is worrying her slightly. Which in turn could make her a bit more clingy. ??

  2. It could be just a phase. It might get better for a few months, but then it gets REALLY bad for a few weeks or so around 18 months; just in time for Nursery at Church! I feel your pain though; now I have 2 girls that want my full attention all the time. At least only one of them can walk right now! Just remember 'when she's a teenager you'll wish she would follow you around still'. ;)