Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Merry Un-Birthday

I was so spoiled this year and had three birthday cakes. Yum! The most recent one was shared with Patrick, who just got back from Ghana. His birthday was on the 14th and mine was on the 22nd and we were both gone for our birthdays, so my family invited us over this Sunday so that we could split a cake.

We each got three candles. Patrick's were blue and mine were pink.

To save myself from any embarrassment, like not being able to blow out the candles, Patrick and I blew our candles out at the same time. I'm pleased to announce that they all went out on the first try.


  1. Ok... what was he doing in Ghana? I missed that somewhere along the line...

  2. Patrick was off volunteering at schools and orphanages for a month. He went with my friend Shallee--she volunteered for a semester a few years ago and has been coordinating trips and things ever since.

    You can read a bit about what he did here.