Monday, July 28, 2008


Recently Rachel has become quite fascinated by hair. So fascinated, in fact, that we've started spelling H-A-I-R if she happens to have hers up so that we don't accidentally remind her to check and see what's in it today.

As a side note, we also have to spell E-Y-E or else she'll P-O-K-E it.

In the past couple of weeks she's started to run her fingers through my hair while she nurses. She likes to pet other babies' hair. She likes to reach up, pull her hair clips out, examine them, and then put them back on her head.

Of course, she can't really put them back in her hair, so they just balance on top, snagged on some tangle, until I notice and put it back in.

Sometimes she'll find a particularly interesting barrette or ribbon and will walk into the room holding it onto her head. Then she'll hand it to me and put her head in my lap, ready to be prettied up.

I thought since she's so interested in hair now that she'd sit still long enough for me to do some fun things with her hair. Braids, french ponytails, curlers...her hair is long enough for it! But no such luck.

The most I can get in recently is one clip, and that has to be kind of on the sly.

Her hair stays in best (read: longest) if I can do her hair when she's least expecting it, and then distract her with a new toy or a trip outside. Otherwise it's out in 30 seconds if I can get anything in it at all.

Here she is, ponytail still in tact, with an extra barrette in her hair. She can open and close this type of barrettes, just not in her own hair, so this barrette is just shoved inside her existing ponytail. She was quite proud of herself.


  1. I can relate oh, so well! It is so frustrating to spend so much time on Emmy's hair and then watch her pull it out 2 minutes later! But, she seems to be getting better and just letting it be. Maybe Rachel will outgrow the pulling out stage, too...

  2. So funny. I'm glad I've decided to have all boys... cause I have no idea what I'd do with a girl and hair...