Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New feature

Our frequent commentors should have noticed a new way of commenting. Before, when you clicked on the comment link, a new tab or window would open up, making it difficult to see the post that you wanted to comment on.

Now when you click on the comment link you're taken to an inline comment form at the bottom of the post. This should make commenting a lot more convenient since you won't have to switch back and forth between tabs or windows. Just scroll up a little to see the post!

It's still an experimental feature of Blogger in Draft and has some issues in some browsers. Let us know if you run into any problems and I'll take a look at it (or tell Blogger to).

Happy commenting!


  1. yeah, it was a bit confusing to figure out what I was doing at first. I think I've got it sussed! Firefox seems to have no problem with it...

  2. I still like the old way better. In both Firefox and Explorer. But maybe I am just old and don't like to change. This way is way more time consuming, and the pop up was small and didn't take up much room, and basically, I liked it better.

  3. And now it is a pain to get back to the blog itself. Totally low points for this exciting new change, in my opinion. Like D- or something. Lowest grade you have ever seen in your life, Andrew.

  4. Testing...

    Is this a new feature in general or just to your blog? Because I swear this is more or less how my blog works...maybe I'm imagining things.

    Actually, I guess I see a few differences. Neat.

  5. @Bridget - It's actually a future Blogger-wide feature, kind of like the video uploads - that was on Blogger in Draft for a while before going live. They've got a couple other things available too, like post ratings and a new blog editing window

    @Myrna - :) - It doesn't have the silly picture thing anymore; I turned it off just for you :)

  6. Weird... I have no problems getting back to the blog... the blog never goes away at all in my firefox browser, and it's simply a matter of, well, not doing anything if I'm logged into google, and clicking an x in the corner if I'm not... ??????????????????????????