Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Rachel Update

Phew! Now that I'm all caught up on our California trip, I have time to brag about my baby again!

She has learned several new tricks lately. The one that we're most proud of is that she folds her arms for prayers now! She's really good about folding her arms for food prayers--and anytime food is around, really. Sometimes she even reminds me that we need to bless the food when I forget. We'll be sitting down to lunch together and I'm ready to just dig in because I'm usually starving by lunchtime, but Rachel will patiently fold her arms and slightly bow her head. She often keeps her arms folded all through the food prayers. They're short enough for her.

Family prayer is another situation entirely. She'll fold her arms at the beginning but then she'll be off and making mischief before we're even done with our "thankful-fors."

She tries to be good, though, and will fold her arms on command as well. She's so cute!

She's also learned several new body parts, including her toes, feet, head, and hair. She gets hand and head mixed up. One of her favorite discoveries, though, was her belly button! She's got such a little tummy on her that she has to move it out of the way when she tries to find her belly button. She sucks in her tummy, and pulls at it with her hands until she can get her finger right in her belly button hole. If she's wearing a dress, there is a good chance that she will lift it up to show you her belly button if you ask nicely. If she's wearing something she can't lift up, she'll just squeeze her tummy.

Another one of her favorite things is stairs. She could go up and down stairs all day long. It's all she wants to do at the playground, at either Grandma's house, and anywhere else there are stairs--or anything like stairs.

Andrew made a checkerboard one summer when he was staying with Uncle Rod, who does cabinetry. We use it as a base for our block towers since building block towers on the carpet proves rather difficult. Rachel, though, prefers to use it as a stairmaster. She steps up on top and then will walk off. Then she'll turn around and step back up again only to walk back off of it. She could do this all day long! (If she wasn't so busy following me around the house, that is).

She also enjoys climbing up and down Mommy's and Daddy's legs. If we sit on the floor with our legs out, she'll climb over them and then turn around and climb over them again. Our legs are just her portable jungle gym. Today at Courtney's house, Rachel latched onto one of my legs with both her arms and her legs like a little monkey climbing a tree.

Now, if only we could teach her to let herself off the bed...she still believes she can just walk off.


  1. I'll bet walking off the bed has made for some rather interesting bumps... ;-D

  2. sounds fun! Karen still loves her belly button... in fact we got the "Belly Button Book" by Sandra Boynton at the library yesterday. For a while she would go up to random people (like the bishopric or moms at the park) and try to find their belly buttons. It was cute for a while, but I'm glad she's finally past that for the most part.