Monday, July 07, 2008

Swimming and the lake

We went swimming for our Family Home Evening activity today. The pool was amazingly warm and none of us had trouble getting in all the way. Rachel wasn't all that into swimming, so mostly we just cuddled, which was fine with me. I like cuddling with my baby!

When we were there for about twenty minutes, a little girl hopped out of the pool and announced to the lifeguard,

"I pooped!"

Her mother told her to go wipe. The lifeguards took their sweet time getting the area cleared. One lifeguard jumped in the pool with a net and started chasing the pieces of her feces around.

The pool was not cleared. The little girl came back after she, presumably, wiped.

We were disgusted. The girl was about 10 years old. If she had been my daughter I would have been mortified and gone straight home. And seriously, in my opinion the entire pool should be shut down and cleaned, not just one little section.

We left. I am morally opposed to swimming in a toilet.

Soon after we came home and just after starting our lesson, we got a call from Josie asking if we wanted to go swimming with them for FHE. Great minds think alike. We told her that the pool was out of commission, so instead she and Grammy came over and we went for a walk by Utah Lake.

It was so much cooler down by the water. It's been up in the 90s recently, which is plenty warm, so it was nice to get to cool down a bit.

Now, before I get a million comments warning me about how hot Cairo is going to be, let me just say that I don't remember Cairo being unbearable. In fact, the average high for Cairo and Orem in July are identical. It's southern Egypt that gets atrociously hot--Luxor was a little uncomfortable. I however, am fairly comfortable with temperatures in the low 90s. Call me crazy.

(I'm definitely looking forward to December, though. I think this is the first year I've ever said that--I'd take 50 degrees over 20 degrees any day).

So, although I would have been fine walking around town today, Josie was adamant that it was far too hot to go for a walk. My mom was the one who came up with the idea of walking by the lake. The breeze blowing off the lake probably brought the temperature down by a good 10 degrees so we were still nice and balmy.

Rachel was happy to have so many people to carry her and to see so many exciting things! We saw airplanes (the lake is right by the airport), helicopters, boats, ducks, and other children. We had a fun time and Rachel got all worn out for bedtime. She fell asleep without a fight tonight. I love it when that happens!


  1. If you're morally opposed to swimming in a toilet, you better never go swimming in any ocean ever again... NO, not because animals use it as a toilet! Because people do.

  2. That just doesn't bother me as much. The water circulates faster than at a swimming pool, the sun burns things off, fish and other creatures eat the waste. I can rationalize that it's cleaner than a swimming pool...

  3. That's because you have been a lifeguard and so have had to clean the pool--you know the inside scoop!

  4. Ew. A ten-year-old? Some people and their children astound me.

  5. First off that poop story is gross. If my ten year old did that I'd be embarrassed enough to leave. What is wrong with that lady! Second, Nancy I'm sorry but circulating water and sun burning things off and all does not help with the whole, animals poop and die in some countries people poop just runs into it....nope it just doesn't work. Swimming in the ocean is fun but you can't rationalize :) Third Cairo was beautiful the week we were there...but lets remember we were sleeping in a four star hotel with awesome air conditioning and endless water as apposed to our apartment our apartment where there were days we couldn't flush the toilet and we had to drag our fans everywhere we went. It is any wonder we thought Cairo was heaven!

  6. Some people and their parents! If Karen did that we'd be gone and wouldn't come back for a long time, and she's only 2! As another note, warm winters are wonderful!