Thursday, July 03, 2008

Pool Party

For playgroup this week Bonnie planned a wonderful pool party for the kids. She went through a lot of bucket-hauling to fill up all those pools! (Ahem, she should have asked me for help...)

Rachel was quite taken by a few of the older girls who came. Lindsay she adopted as a big sister, climbing right up into her lap and letting Lindsay carry her around. Mariah she declared her best friend, holding her hand and following her around from pool to pool and running away from the group to get into mischief.

Mariah and Rachel are very similar. They are little monkeys! Rachel adores Mariah and her climbing abilities and copies everything she does--at least, she tries to. Mariah is 1.5 years older than Rachel, which is quite a lot in baby years.

Lindsay just wanted a little sister for the day and Rachel was a willing candidate.

Between those two girls, I would have had my hands free, except that Amy decided that we could be friends. So I carried Amy around while Bonnie finished getting things ready and Rachel was entertained by Linsay and Mariah.

Rachel was a little uneasy about all the kids jumping in and out of the pools around her. There weren't a whole lot of little babies at playgroup today--just Rachel and Amy. Everyone else was a little more steady on their feet and didnt' mind the slipping and splashing quite so much.

Mommy, help! It's crowded!

We also read some stories and had a little musical parade around the park. Rachel did an excellent job shaking her rattle--until she realized that it tasted good! She had fun though.

(Bonnie, we'll have to get our girls together for a less-crowded, less-rowdy pool party sometime!)


  1. Ah, it's good for her. :)

  2. Sounds like fun! Karen had a blast in the little pool with her cousin Faith las week... but Faith is also 1.5 years older than Karen so it was somewhat interesting as well!