Saturday, May 08, 2010

Felucca with friends

Amanda arrived today—she’ll be here for the next week and a half. She got to our apartment shortly after 2 PM and had just enough time to settle in and take a shower before we dragged her off to have a felucca ride with some of our friends from the branch.


Needless to say, Amanda was pretty sleepy and Miriam was pretty cranky but other that we had fun. Jaehee provided koshary, the Sherwoods and Smiths both brought root beer (among other things), and we brought popcorn and salt water taffy. It was a good party. We spent a full two hours on the felucca, which was nice because it was such a hot day. It seemed the only breeze in the whole city was on the Nile…even then it wasn’t much cooler. Still, it felt nice.


Rachel had a great time playing with all her friends. She enjoyed the company of her girls, as always, but spent most of her time following around the only boy.


Miriam was just so miserable the whole time. She cried a lot and when she wasn’t crying she was either glumly staring across the river or sucking on ice cubes…or cold pop cans. It was sad to see her so solemn and cranky since she’s typically a giggly ball of sunshine.


This is about the happiest she got the whole time we were out:


I can’t wait until she’s back to her chipper self. Fussy babies are so much work!

Near the end of the trip some of the kids started to complain about needing to go to the washroom. I suppose we pumped them full of too much juice and water and fayrouz and root beer. Two little girls ended up being dangled overboard while they attempted to relieve themselves—they were both too scared to and decided they could wait until they were back on dry land. For once Rachel wasn’t among the adventurous pee-ers; she was merely a spectator.


It was quite an enjoyable evening and were it not for lack of funds, toilets, and time, I think we would have stayed out far longer than we did!


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