Sunday, May 30, 2010

Miriam conquers the stairs

Yesterday Miriam crawled up the stairs to the play area. Granted there are only two steps…but, still! She can’t even crawl on flat surfaces yet—she’s still just army crawling—so what in the world is she doing crawling up stairs?!

20100530 - 001 20100530 - 002

It’s probably because that’s where all the (age-inappropriate, taboo) toys are kept. Anyone can do anything with the right motivation.

 20100530 - 003

Today she fell down the stairs for the first time. She was not happy about it but it didn’t stop her from trying again. She’s brave.


  1. Ok, she's precious. By the way... I have a niece and nephew who never crawled... went straight from army crawling/scooting to walking. I think it's a sign of high levels of intelligence.

  2. She is so cute! I cannot believe how fast they grow up! She is already crawling!!! Where does the time go!