Thursday, May 27, 2010


This morning when I got up once I was greeted by a sickly, eerie orange glow streaming through our bedroom window instead of what I might normally expect at…excuse me while I fumble around to find the cell phone, which, yes, is in bed with us…six o’clock in the morning.

Sometimes people are shocked with how long I can “sleep in.” But seriously, folks, specifically those who have accused me of leisurely sleep-ins, mothers don’t have sleep schedules (at least, this one doesn’t, at least, not lately) and, therefore, cannot technically sleep in.

I got up at six, fed Miriam, and then went out onto the balcony to take pictures of the festering sandstorm.

20100527 - 022 20100527 - 023

It was quite hazy and nasty outside but I was happy that it was six in the morning and it was the first time Miriam had woken up since midnight. I had been quite uncomfortably awakened several times in the night due to being extremely engorged. I believe in nursing my children to health—literally—so that means that I was up nursing a nearly inconsolable baby every half hour or so since Saturday last week. But last night Miriam slept for six hours straight, which was awesome, except that I was still manufacturing milk on hyper drive.

After taking pictures I went back to bed until eight or so, when I got up, for real, leaving my sleeping family behind so that I could go to yoga…in the pouring sand.


  1. Oh man, raining sand. I don't think I'd ever get used to that.

  2. Ha! Finally something that rhymes with my name.

  3. Oh that is freaky...definitely a day I wouldn't want to go outside. As for sleeping in, I happen to remember that you were a fan even before the children :)

  4. Close, Tamsin, but not quite. That "i" says "ee." But now perhaps I'll start calling you TamsEEn! ;)

  5. Wow, Khamseen winds came a bit late this year :) They're usually in and out by the end of April...

  6. They had to close down the Luxor airport and that day just happened to be the day we were flying to Luxor. We were trapped in the airport for about 4 hours. Not fun .