Thursday, August 19, 2010

My little ball of sunshine

Miriam is cheerful, sunny girl. My friend Sara once described her daughter Megan as her “ball of sunshine” and I might just have to steal that phrase from her because it fits Miriam perfectly. She really is a little ball of sunshine.

Lately she’s been working on several variants of her usual machinegun-fire laugh and they’re all quite funny. Her smile, too, is changing as she’s getting her teeth in. She likes to scrinch up her nose and grin while showing all of her teeth. It’s adorable.

She’s got the most contagious laughter, the silliest grins, is happy the majority of the time, and she’s cuddly to boot. We won the baby jackpot!

IMG_8771 IMG_8774 IMG_8775IMG_8785

We were playing peek-a-boo, a game that she has come to absolutely love, but she missed her eyes. You should have heard her giggle over that one. “Oh, silly me!” she seemed to say, “I was aiming for my eyes but I got my forehead instead! That’s so funny!” She guffawed until she hiccupped.


Does she have to grow up? Can’t she just stay my sweet, sweet baby forever?


  1. That 2nd to last pictures has me laughing hysterically! What a fantastic babe.