Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We’re so glad when Emily comes home…

Auntie Em arrived home from Nauvoo yesterday—she was there serving a summer service mission for the church. She played flute and piccolo in the brass band every day except Sundays when she would work as a “pioneer” in Historic Nauvoo. She had a great time but we’re so happy she’s home!

Between our time in Egypt and her mission this summer it had been 2 years and 4 days since we last saw her. Rachel and I made a sign for her. It’s festive.


Emily and Andrew will both be attending BYU in the fall—this will be the first time they’ve gone to the same school since Emily was in kindergarten and Andrew was in grade six! They’re excited.

IMG_8747 IMG_8750

A lot of the…kids…that were in Nauvoo with Emily were on the same flight home so we got to meet her companion, Sister Lewis, as well as some of the other music and performing missionaries. It was fun!


It’s so funny to think that Emily is the same age that I was when I got married. And that Patrick is the same age that Andrew was when he married me. They’re both so young and that means that we were so young. What were we thinking getting married that young?!

Anyway…Emily’s home and we’re excited to have her. We’re planning a road trip and everything!



  1. Emily looks like she's holding a mini her when she holds Rachel. She is so beautiful! EMbO YOU ARE GLOWING!! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Yes, we knew she looked like Emily before we had them cheek to cheek but now that she's home we KNOW it!

    Chance of calling Rachel Emily before? 3/10

    Chance of calling Rachel Emily now? 7/10

    But I think it's okay that she looks like Emily because I think Emily is very pretty. Oh, and about that "glowing..." (Consider that foreshadowing because it's not my tale to tell.)