Monday, August 09, 2010

Playground Peek-a-boo

The girls and I spent the entire afternoon at the park. In the past seven days we’ve been to the park about that many times—public spaces are so wonderful, especially when they have clean restrooms and cold drinking fountains on site. Just sayin’.

Today the girls were enamoured with a little tunnel/slide thing.


Miriam’s little face is just the right size for the little holes on the side. She thought she was so funny, popping up to look down at Mommy.

IMG_8615 IMG_8617

Soon Rachel horned in on the game.


And then she really, really horned in on the game and we had to call it quits. Miriam did not want to share her hole.

IMG_8619 IMG_8620

Miriam crawled up the tunnel most of the way. I had to help her past the steepest part because she was getting too frustrated about sliding down over and over again and chose to exhibit her frustration by screaming and repeatedly banging her head on the floor.


She worked so hard to make it to the top, though—with Rachel right at her heels, of course.


Then we all went down the twirly-slide. 


Rachel was sad because the slide “batteried” her. That means that she got shocked. I told her about static electricity once—that certain items store up energy and then sometimes they discharge it to get rid of the extra energy; that’s when we get shocked. I don’t know how the concept of batteries entered into that equation but they store energy, too, I guess. After getting “batteried” too many times she declared the park “too electricity” today and, after doing a little climbing, decided to play in the grass instead.



I was also sad after going down the slide because the last twist really whipped me around and I got playground burn on my elbow. Poor me. Miriam escaped the slide unscathed, if not a little squished.


Rachel got to phone Daddy on our walk home to ask him to open the garage door and help us up the steep driveway. The first thing she said, though, was, “Guess what! We have a pool!” She and Grandma picked it up at an end-of-summer sale. Rachel was begging to change into her swimsuit the minute she was in the door.


The girls had fun splashing around until it got too cold. Miriam was even blowing bubbles—I’ve never known her to blow bubbles before because usually she’s too interested in lapping up the water to remember to blow out.


It was a good day, apparently, because during Family Home Evening when we were going over this week’s itinerary Rachel asked that “swimming” be added to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I wouldn’t be surprised if she asked to go back to the park, either.


  1. Just FYI. I still take Majd down the slide but I am really careful to keep her limbs free of the edge.

    We are loving public spaces, too! Cute pictures of them peeking through the holes. :)

  2. So so cute! I gotta say "grateful for public restrooms in the park" is not my list of ways I thought I'd feel today. Thanks for that. :)