Friday, August 06, 2010

Sisterly “love”

This video shows about how well my girls get along. Miriam tolerates so much unkindness, both covert and overt, from Rachel. And while it isn’t atypical to find them tangled together in a wrestling pretzel, they do occasionally get along, as well. Miriam finds Rachel hilarious and likes to stroke her hair and face. Rachel loves to dote on Miriam, be the big helper, and sing her lullabies.

I’m sure Rachel will live to rue the day, though, because Miriam isn't always going to be a baby…and as my mom noticed this evening (yes, this is a post0script) Miriam is already eager to get her revenge. When I hold her on my hip it puts her foot on par with Rachel’s head and she takes careful aim and then coyly, slyly, repetitively kicks Rachel in the face. At times this is just reward. Other times it’s just because she can.

A complete transcription follows the clip.

Rachel [grabs leaf away from Miriam]: Hey, Meme, Meme. no! No!

Me: Sing her a song again.

Rachel [singing]: Aren’t we and I are forgether* forever!

Rachel [grabbing Miriam]: *clothesline*chokehold*hammer throw*

Me: K…whoa! Careful! Let go of her!

Miriam: *grunt*grunt*grunt*

Rachel: Ahh-wheeeee-yaa!

Me: Sing her a nice song.

Miriam: *whimper*

Rachel [singing]: I love you forever! [tugs Miriam’s shirt collar]

Miriam: *gag*choke*gag*

Me: Oh!

Then the scene ends abruptly and Rachel is pulled off of Miriam and told to go play on the playground by herself. That’s when Miriam gets to sit peacefully on the grass and enjoy the day by herself.

Being a mother to two isn’t much different from being the mother of one except that I find myself playing referee much more often now.

* Rachel is trying to sing part of “Families can be Together Forever” but there are so many Fs in there that she starts putting them everywhere. Thus, forgether instead of together.

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  1. Oh dear God... the look on Mariam's face says a LOT!