Monday, February 14, 2011

BRAT diet

On Saturday morning after Rachel threw up she wanted to eat breakfast. First of all, I don't know why she threw up—no one else has. I think it might be because she woke up with a high fever and didn't want to eat breakfast so I gave her some tylenol. It must have hit her empty stomach wrong. Upon emptying her stomach she declared she was feeling much better and wished to have breakfast. I told her that she could go find her daddy and tell him that she was allowed to have toast for breakfast, but nothing else, because she had just thrown up.

She obediently went and did so. 

Yesterday morning Rachel woke me up and felt my forehead.

"You're so hot, Mommy!" she told me—I was running a temperature of 102°F. "You can only have toast for breakfast."

She then felt Andrew's forehead and declared, "Daddy feels just fine. He can have whatever he wants for breakfast!"

Her forehead was next.

"Oh! I feel just fine, too. That means I can have whatever I want for breakfast today, too. And I don't want toast. I want cereal!"

Somehow she seems to have missed the point that she was put on a toast diet due to throwing up, not due to her fever. And it's not like she was stuck on toast all day, either...she only had to keep it down to prove she didn't have stomach flu. Silly girl.

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