Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Children are so entertaining

We were getting ready to go to Pack Meeting this evening—the "Blue and Gold Banquet," I know, fancy stuff—and Andrew asked Miriam to "find some shoes."

She wandered off to do his bidding because she hasn't entered that defiant stage yet and is blissfully obedient in every department. She came back into the room carrying my running shoes.

"Very well done," he told her, "Those are shoes. But those are Mommy's shoes. You are going to need your shoes. Find Miriam's shoes."

She looked up at him with a look that said, "That makes so much sense!" and then scurried off to find shoes for herself.

The fancy Blue and Gold Banquet was an indoor picnic, a dangerous idea. Everything was going fine (for us) until Miriam started running around the room with the other babies. Then she started tripping on picnic blankets left and right. Her greatest spill happened on our blanket.

She stepped on the blanket and it slipped out from underneath her (because the flooring is wood) and she face-planted on Rachel's plate. Luckily she landed on the brownie. Unluckily the brownies had toothpicks with the scout logo in them. Luckily Rachel had already removed that and in so doing prevented Miriam from impaling her forehead with a toothpick. Equally luckily, I was able to gymnastic myself over to her quickly enough to grab her before she rolled into the puddle of ketchup beside the brownie. We ended up with a squashed brownie and a toppled water bottle, which really isn't bad considering what could have happened.

Rachel didn't think it was good at all.

"She fell on my food!" she wailed.

We were kind of embarrassed about the whole thing until I noticed my friend Reenie's husband folding up their blanket. It had a huge wet spot on it telling me that we weren't the only ones to have a picnic mishap. Thanks, Reenie, for having children as messy and entertaining as mine!

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  1. Our picnic blankets inevitably end up coming home wet, stained, crusty or with something mushy on them. It's just how it works at our house.

    Sure glad Miriam's spill wasn't worse. That toothpick...whew. Glad that was gone.