Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Questioner Beware

Miriam is not discreet; she doesn't beat around the bush. If you ask a question, expect a direct answer. 

She was such an oral explorer as a little baby—and she is still an oral explorer today. Therefore, a question she has heard a lot of in her short life is: What's in your mouth?

She answers honestly, every time:

And since everyone finds her answer so overwhelmingly humourous, Rachel likes to copy her to try to squeeze a few more laughs out of the dinner-table audience.

By the way, Rachel is on her fourth outfit of the day. I was really excited for the day when I could say "Go and get dressed!" and have my children disappear into their bedrooms and then magically reappear, fully clothed, moments later. Her shirt is backwards and her outfits rarely match...and I knew that would happen. I didn't realize, however, that having one child dressing herself would quadruple my laundry load.

At least they're cute.

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  1. Yep. We know how that goes. And yes...they sure are cute.