Sunday, February 20, 2011

You know what I *do* like?

During choir practice, Rachel was getting friendly with Sister LeBaron. First she just sat beside her and then she moved onto her lap and the next thing I know, Sister LeBaron is digging through her purse looking for something to give to Rachel. She found a cough drop and gave it to her.

Rachel ran over to me to see if that was alright.

I told her it was because we're all coughing up a storm here still anyway.

So she ran back over to Sister LeBaron, popped the cough drop in her mouth and settled in for a good snuggle. After a while Sister LeBaron asked Rachel if she liked the cough drop.

"Not really," Rachel said honestly.

"But it's cherry! That's yummy!"

"Yeah, but my daddy has some other ones that are better."


"You know what I do like, though?"


Rachel turned so that her back squarely faced Sister LeBaron.

"I really like it when people, like, tickle my back or scratch my back."

Oh, children can be so embarrassing!


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