Thursday, February 24, 2011

On the sidewalk, on the ground

On the way to school this morning Rachel tripped and landed on her forehead. I'm not even kidding. How she manages to do these things I will never know. She was trying to beat me to school, see, so she was running and then she hit a crack in the sidewalk and went flying. There was an audible *konk* when she landed on her face and she came off the sidewalk with a nice red circle in the middle of her forehead.

She started crying about the pain, and about how now she'd never be able to beat me to school, and the pain, and how she'd never be able to beat me to school, and the pain. And somewhere amidst all that howling we decided it would be funny if we made up a song. And because I lack originality we just took the song Rain is Falling All Around and changed the words a bit, to make the song "more appropriate" for this "specific occasion."

This is our song:

Rachel's falling all around
On the sidewalk, on the ground.
Rachel falls out of her bed
And she lands upon her head.

Rachel thought our song was so silly that she soon forgot about her noggin and ended up beating me to school, anyway. I asked her teacher to watch her for signs of loopiness in case she hit her head hard enough to cause a concussion or something. I don't think it was that bad of a bonk but you never know.

So far her teacher hasn't called but you have to admit that it's got to be difficult to recognize signs of loopiness in a three-year-old, especially three-year-olds who are habitually loopy. 

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