Saturday, June 04, 2011

Ghana: Everything

Since lots of my posts from Ghana were posted at random times (and some like a month late…), and because I’m using all these blog posts as my required (and graded) trip journal, here’s a list of all of them in one convenient place.

You could also just look at the Ghana label, but you’d get them all in reverse chronological order, and that’s lame :)


  1. Hello! I am a stranger to you but I stumbled upon your blog after while googling LDS Orphanage Ghana! I live in Taber, Alberta and I see you have some Raymond Alberta connections...

    Our two oldest children are in Ghana right now - have been there for one month volunteering with a small organization called DIVOG. However for the next month they will be on their own and will live in Cape Coast and hope to find volunteering opps there. I see that you visited a place called New Life Orphanage and enjoyed hearing about your experiences there.

    Next month myself (I'm the mom) and our two youngest children will be joining them in Ghana for an additional month. We are hoping to volunteer in a variety of places but our two oldest have yet to set that up for us. I am so curious to know if you have any tips or leads or suggestions of where they could be of the most help. They are boy (22) and girl (20) . Our son returned from his mission a year and a half ago and this is what they decided to do after his first year of university was complete.

    They are having a fabulous time!

    I have been keeping a blog for them if you are interested.

    Thank you so much for any information you might have... and love your blog!

  2. @Lindsay--if you are from Alberta and a Mormon, hardly a stranger! Way too many connections for that! :o)