Thursday, March 24, 2011

Never wear mauve at a ball...or pink...

I am no fashionista and since there is a ball on Saturday—a ball that I've been looking forward to attending since I found out we'd be moving back to Utah—I need some fashion advice. Sometimes if I'm really in a pinch and I need fashion advice I think to myself, "WWLD?" or, "What would Layla do?"

She has a fashion icon.

I just learned how to remove mascara, if that tells you anything.

I was probably the only twenty-five-year-old in the world who googled "how to remove mascara." Make-up remover exists, folks. Who knew? Also, Vaseline will work in a pinch (or, in my case, not in a pinch simply because it's way cheaper than make-up remover).

Don't gawk at me! I've had plenty of people offer to help me put on make-up but no one has ever shown me how to get the darn stuff off! I was far too busy actually applying myself academically in high school and college to bother learning how to properly apply (or de-apply) make-up. 

And where did that get me? I'm a 4.0-achieving nerd googling "how to remove mascara."

Talk about life skills. Sheesh.

Layla, you are my fashion icon because you have a fashion icon. 

I have three almost-options for the ball, if we can indeed still find tickets and a babysitter.

Option A: rescued from a DI bag this past summer

It fits decently enough but I'd clearly have to make it a little more modest. If I were in the Middle East this wouldn't be a problem—I'd simply go "muslimy" and wear a shirt underneath.

Mormon girls have been known to layer things, though I'm not sure wearing a full shirt underneath a halter top counts as Mormon-chic. 

Option B: found at a clothing swap

This is only a skirt, obviously, so I'd wear a shirt on top. I think I have a purple shirt that matches the under layer of the skirt. I also have a black top. The only problem is, it's pretty close to mauve, not that I'm in the habit of taking advice from evil step-sisters.

Option C: my mom's wedding dress

She once convinced me to wear this for a ballroom performance after one of my years at a summer dance camp at BYU. I was rather upset about it because it wasn't what everyone else was wearing—it was vintage, which is just another (ameliorative) way of saying old-fashioned. It was so not cool. (Sorry, Mom.)

Vintage is in now, though, right? I've been thinking of pulling this out of storage for a while now. It's been packed away since we moved to Egypt. 

I'd definitely have to layer something underneath since it's a little see-through. It's a tad tight in places it didn't used to be (thank you, children) and is only knee-length, but it fits.

Anyway, if you were me and you were going to a ball, which dress would you wear?


  1. How much *actual* dancing will you be doing? You're lucky that both of you dance, and it looks like options 2 and 3 would afford you the most motion. I'm partial to dark colors since I'm vampire-pale, so I vote black top with the skirt, but that's me. How long is the skirt? Could you foxtrot comfortably without stepping on it? (This is probably more a problem for me than you.) If yes, then go white. :)

  2. I'd go option 2 + a black top. Very class!
    Or option 3 - I'm partial to vintage but if you didn't feel good wearing it once and if it's a little bit tight... Option 2 definitely then! Have fun! :)

  3. Way to make me blush! I am so flattered.

    Go with the white dress. Wear a white shade/downeast undershirt underneath it.

    Because it is white, you need to add color to it. Add a wide belt in a fun bright color. Think yellow, red, turquoise, or purple. If you can't find a belt, look for a scarf or sash.

    Like this:

    Wear fun shoes. You have killer legs and you should showcase them with heels that make your legs look like they are a mile long. Try to avoid black or brown. Pick a shoe that you wouldn't normally wear in an awesome color.

    Example of shoes to look for:

    I make an exception to the black rule for these b/c they are just plain awesome:


    Wear jewelry. I wouldn't wear a necklace with it unless it was a shorter necklace. Focus more on the earrings and the bracelets. If you are not wearing a necklace, wear big bold earrings. If you are wearing a necklace, stick with simple studs. For bracelets wear a cuff or stack the bracelets.

    Bracelet examples:

    I might buy this my self.


    Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. GEEZ! I wrote a freakin' book.

  5. The wedding dress, for sure! It's gorgeous and I know you would look gorgeous in it.

  6. I love that I'm not the only adult who doesn't know how to use (or unuse makeup). Also I love love LOVE that first dress! I think it's positively beautiful, but I don't have a clue how to make it modest without making it frumpy. So it'd be a no-go for me because of that.

    Also, clearly Layla knows what she's talking about. So I can't really offer an opinion, except the opinion that if you don't post a picture of your beautiful self all ball-ready I'll be sad.

    Have fun!

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who never bothered learning how to apply make-up! I purchased my first make-up ever just over two years ago. I'm actually much more comfortable going without since, even though someone showed me how to apply it, I'm never sure I really did it correctly. But I'm okay with that.

    And I wouldn't ask me for fashion advice either, so I definitely recommend going with what Layla said!

  8. Just for the record, I don't wear makeup unless it's an important event and I am not sure that I am doing it right myself. I've watched a ton of you tube videos to master applying eye makeup.

    @Myrna is that a good wow? I went a little out of control with the comment :/

  9. My sweet sister-in-law just brought over one of her formals from high school and it fit like a glove. So if we end up going, I'll probably wear that...but Andrew's so busy and we still haven't gotten tickets...we'll see. :)

  10. And, Layla, rest assured that was a good wow.

    My mom doesn't do bad wows. :)