Thursday, June 02, 2011

Goodbye to cousins (May 29)

Luckily Rachel was feeling much better in the morning. She only threw up that one time so we're thinking it may have been something she ate, though what that something was we have no idea. 

We all got ready to go for church, which was somewhat of an ordeal with eleven people trying to use one washroom! We were even only a little bit late. 

Rachel surprised me by wanting to go to class. She went to Sunbeams all by herself and spent most of Sharing Time sitting on Piper's lap. Miriam also surprised me by not wanting to go to class. She usually loves nursery, but this nursery class was small and foreign and she spent most of the time crying so I took her to Sunday School with me. 

Brother Lonsdale taught the class; he happens to be Professor Lonsdale's brother (I know because I asked him). Lonsdale was one of my favourite teachers at BYU—I took my first linguistics class from him as well as theoretical syntax. It's a small world!

After church we went back to Abra's house to hang out for a few hours before leaving for Auntie Colleen's house. I promise we were all once in church clothes; I meant to get a picture of everyone looking their best before the shed their Sunday garb but I failed because the kids beat me into the house and were back in their pyjamas before you could say...anything.

Piper let Rachel be on her team while playing Pass the Pigs...

Malachi showed off his Nintendo skills...

Deklan played hide-and-go seek with her (among other games)...

I was so happy that she got a good day of playing in with her cousins. She's been wanting to meet them for forever and then when she finally did meet them she got sick all over. I'm so glad it was a quick sick.

My favourite hiding place of Deklan's was when he went and stood behind Abra. All the grown up girls were talking in the kitchen and Rachel came by several times to ask for our help in finding Deklan. She searched for him for such a long time without ever realizing he was right in plain sight!

After that he tried another hiding place that was relatively in plain sight only Rachel found him right away. She declared it was unfair and insisted that it was her turn to seek again. Then she said, "Mom, will you make sure he hides right this time?"

After Miriam woke up we took all the kids who would go to the park so that they could get rid of their wiggles somewhere other than inside the apartment. Everyone came, except for Malachi who was too excited about the prospect of uninterrupted computer time.

Miriam got more attention from Piper and Deklan than she even knew what to do with.

Piper showed the girls how to pump really high...

Deklan played a game with Miriam where he'd push her and then let her "kick" him over. She'd giggle so hard every time he fell over. I remember playing that game with Josie when she was a baby.

I think Rachel spent most of her time on the slides.

After playing at the park we went home, made dinner, packed, and said goodbye. One of these days we're going to have to get together with Rachel's cousins for more than one day! It's such a long trip; too long to spend only the weekend.

Here are our parting shots:

L to R: Me, holding Meme, Josie, Mom, Abra holding Rachel, Kai, Andrew
David is behind me
Deklan and Piper, standing

L to R: Me holding Meme, Josie, Abra, Piper holding Rachel
Mom in back

L to R: David, Deklan, Andrew
Malachi in back

L to R: Me holding Meme, Piper holding Rachel, Deklan
Kai in back

The girls weren't feeling too huggy by the end of all the goodbyes and pictures, but both of them gave great hugs to Piper, who was like the Pied Piper of My Children the whole time she was around.

Abra needs to get her American passport (so that she can come visit us!) I need to get my girls their Canadian "proof of citizenship" cards (just so that they have them). Maybe we should have a race...

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