Thursday, October 09, 2014

Museum day

I got an email from a friend on Tuesday evening, saying that she'd be going to the museum on Wednesday morning to break up the monotony of the break. They planned on being there by 9:30. We got there at...oh...2:30. So obviously we didn't meet up with those friends, but we still had a good time!

We ran into the missionaries and the kids wanted to "follow them all day long!" I explained that that would be awkward and insisted that after the farm, when the missionaries went right to visit the butterfly house, we turned left to visit the dinosaurs. The kids were happy about that because the climbing dinosaur was off limits the last time we visited (Friday)—it was getting some repairs. Today it was open to visitors and the kids happily climbed all over it.

Rachel gave Miriam several piggyback rides. They only tipped over once, which was surprising given how close in size those two are.

There are several new lemurs at the museum and today some were inside and some where outside. I thought it was funny how well Rachel matched the lemurs.

As we were walking down the path Rachel suddenly started shrieking at me to stop! There was a praying mantis in front of us and I almost ran over it. I hadn't even seen it so I was glad Rachel pointed it out to me. Its arms were up and it was waving them at us—as if it was planning on defending itself against our stroller and feet...

Here's Rachel "showing" me the praying mantis:

Here's Miriam being a little timid:

And here's Benjamin staring straight ahead (he skipped his nap and was quite tired by this time):


  1. Oh my goodness! Benjamin is sooo adorable in that outfit!

  2. I love Rachel's lemur shirt. :) Cute pics.