Friday, December 18, 2015

Gingerbread House

In the interest of not complaining about my two youngest children anymore today (today was a doozy)...look! We assembled the gingerbread house our neighbours brought by the other day!

Andrew put the actual house together while everyone else was finishing dinner (he wolfed down his food today) and then he kept an eye on Zoë while I helped the kids with the decorating.

Benjamin put just about as much candy into his mouth as he did onto the house. But who didn't see that one coming?

And you can certainly see which parts of the design the girls carefully thought through and which parts Benjamin thought "Candy. Stick. Here." about.

But they were all sweet and kind to each other. No one cried the whole time we were working on it and the girls didn't even loose their cool when Benjamin broke their pretty patterns (by sticking a candy cane on the roof or whatever) time and time again (which I was most impressed by).

We ended up with a lovely house that I haven't yet taken pictures of (Rachel even put icing icicles on the roof). Maybe I should do that before they wake up in the morning and start eating off it.



I'll get up.

Here's the finished gingerbread house in all its glory:

"This is our first gingerbread house that we've ever done in North Carolina!" Miriam pointed out.

I do wonder what will happen to the gingerbread out here. In Utah the gingerbread gets rock hard; all the moisture gets sucked out into the dry air. Out here I'm going to guess it gets softer sitting out, absorbing humidity like a little gingerbread sponge. But I could be wrong...time will tell.


  1. "This is our first gingerbread house that we've ever done in North Carolina!"

    Cool! It looks great! Much nicer than the one Zach and I did back in January. Y'all are much better decorators than we are.