Tuesday, December 01, 2015

So many babies! (November 22)

I went to my parents' ward on Sunday and got to go to primary with my mom. She's teaching the children "Could I Hold the Baby?" and used Zoë as a clue to introduce the song. It was fun to be back in primary again!

Here's my mom with Zoë on Sunday morning before we'd gotten ready for church. My parents have church at 1:00 so we had plenty of time for a lazy Sunday morning (we are so looking forward to 11:00 church next year):

After church we had a little cousin party at my mom's house. Auntie Sarah came up from Payson and Auntie Emily came down from Shelley, Idaho, so that we could get the three little ones together.

Here's Sarah with Riley:

And here's Zoë meeting Riley:

She was certainly much more aggressive with her affection than Riley or Maren were, probably due to being child #4.

Riley's already mobile. He's a real go-getter (like Rachel was) and was crawling at five months (like Rachel was). Zoë's not quite crawling, but she's certainly getting there. It'll be any day now...

Grandma drove Emily and her kids down from South Jordan once Emily got there. I felt bad making Emily drive all the way to Orem after having her kids in the car for three-and-a-half hours but also I didn't want to have to drive all the way up to South Jordan to see her and then have to drive back to pack before driving up to the airport again and travelling for nine hours (so thanks for coming down to see me!).

Here's Maren with Zoë:

My kids have a hard time telling these two apart in photos, which I think is funny. They do look alike, I guess, but my baby is just so obvious to me.

Oh, and here's Gavin. He saw me with the camera, walked up to me, and put a big cheesy grin on so I figured he wanted me to take his picture.

Here are the girls lying on the floor together (Maren's not quite sitting up on her own yet):

Zoë is quite a bit taller and about a pound heavier than Maren, though Maren is about a month older. Here I am holding about 31 lbs of baby:

And here are all three of us with our babies:

Emily with Maren, me with Zoë, Sarah with Gavin
 It's a follow-up to the picture we took last December when the three of us were expecting:

Grandma sure had fun being surrounded by all these babies! I love what a little ham Gavin is (he's 23 months old today so is just getting to be really hilarious).

The three little ones were all getting tired and grumpy but we made them pose for more pictures, anyway (silly mommies) so none of them look too thrilled about it.

After about an hour (such a short visit, sadly) we said goodbye, Uncle David and his girlfriend came over for dinner, and then Zoë and I packed up all of our stuff, a miraculous feat since I had been given so many treasures to take home in our one suitcase (including the beautiful quilt pictured below that Grandma made for Zoë):

Oh! And my mom's visiting teacher came over to do that massage class for me. I'm not convinced it's working miracles, but I am convinced that Zoë enjoys it—she's a real big fan of having her legs massaged.

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