Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Last moments in Utah (November 23)

I realized, just before leaving for the airport, that we were in a house populated entirely by fourth children. My dad was holding Zoë and said something about how she was Mommy's pride and joy, even if it was "the fourth time over."

"Fourth children are the best," I said snootily. "Isn't that right, Dad?"

"Hey!" my mom said, poking her head out of the bedroom. "That's true. Fourth children are the best! I'm the fourth child."

"And I'm the fourth child," said my dad.

"And I'm the fourth child and Zoë's the fourth child!" I said.

So we took a picture:

Fourth children for the win!
I suppose people in other positions in their families are pretty great as well (I guess) but it was pretty funny to suddenly realize that everyone in the house was a fourth child.

And, that was Utah. I'm finally caught up...I think...


  1. I've made note of times we were a houseful of first-born children when my mom, dad, Michael, my grandmother, and I were together, but I think the fourth-born children thing is super-neat!

    1. My dad's mom was the fourth-born, too, and his father may have been but I honestly don't even know! He was either third or fourth...I'm not sure which (he was a twin, so it was a close call either way). My mom's dad was second-born and her mom was eleventh-born so they aren't close at all. :)