Thursday, November 08, 2018

It seems like yesterday...

In the entry way to our house stand four spooky gingerbread houses.

Grandma constructed the houses, carefully carving each piece from a graham cracker and pasting them together with royal frosting. Then she patiently helped the kids decorate their houses.

I have no pictures of this because it was the Tuesday before Halloween and I had taken Miriam to BYU for her organ lesson (and then went to gamelan). I had left Zoë, Benjamin, and Rachel behind with Grandma—just for a little while—even though she wasn't feeling great because that was literally the only time we had left to decorate gingerbread houses before Halloween. Andrew left campus around the same time that Miriam and I arrived, so she wasn't alone with them for very long. Just long enough to finish decorating their houses by the time Andrew got home.

Since Miriam had missed out on decorating her house, she rushed home from school last Wednesday and asked permission to do her house. Grandma helped her set all the candy out again and warmed up some frosting for her to use and then left her to it.


Here's Miriam proudly showing off her house:

Here's the house that Grandma and Zoë worked on together (Grandma put dabs of frosting on the house and Zoë placed the candies):

Here's Rachel's house (with a werewolf outside of it eating part of a corpse from that coffin there (not morbid at all)):

And here is an aerial view of the house that Benjamin decorated:

How is it possible that the gingerbread grandma from last week is same one lying comatose in a hospital bed today? 


  1. :-( :-( This is how I felt last night as I found your post about Miriam's birthday and saw Grandma in the picture singing Happy Birthday, and (my) Andrew came home while I was looking, glanced at the computer and said "nice cake!" when I was scrolling by the cake Karen had made for the 3 birthdays.

    I can't imagine how you are feeling. I feel sad and I only know Karen through your blog and that one short meeting in real life 3 years ago. I went back and looked at my blog, and like the picture I have of Karen with you and Zoë from that evening in Durham.

    About the post: cute houses and Rachel's werewolf (haha)

    Still praying for Karen and the family!

  2. Yes. How can it be possible? Oh, Gingerbread Grandma, where art thou?

  3. I'm so sorry this is happening, Nancy.