Thursday, September 26, 2019

Alexander quotes

Tonight I drove Andrew's car to the church with the girls for their respective activities but when I returned home I was too afraid to attempt parking it in the garage because some incompetent soul parked the van way too far to the right, leaving far too squishy of a space for his vehicle to easily slide into.

The incompetent soul was me.

It's fine.

I just parked it in the driveway and began collecting scooters and helmets and chalk and other outside toys that hadn't been picked up while Rachel ran in to tell Andrew that he needed to come park his car. He came outside with a very sad Alexander who had not had a very happy time without Mommy.

Alexander happily came to me but became rather perplexed when Andrew hopped into the car.

"Daddy, no!" he cried. "How 'bout stay? How 'bout stay? How 'bout staaaaay?"

"He's just parking the car in the garage," I explained.

Sweet, silly baby. He really likes people to be home.


On Sunday morning Alexander wanted to nurse before we left for church, but I told him he needed to wait because we didn't have time to sit down and nurse right then.

"Mommy! Why?!" he cried.

He says this a lot. Usually when he's not getting his own way.

"Mommy! Why? Mommy—why? Mommy—why?!"

I tried explaining to him (again) that we were all trying to get ready for church and also that he likes to nurse during sacrament meeting (he seems to suffer from immediate-onset boredom in the chapel) so I didn't want to nurse him now. I wanted to nurse him then.

"Need milk!" he wailed.

"If you're old enough to be having this conversation," my mom told him. "You're old enough to wait."


There was another thing that he said recently that I wanted to remember but now I can't remember what it was (which just goes to show that I should be writing far more frequently than I am), so I will tell a different story instead (which you only know is not the story I was originally planning on telling because I told you so and I suppose it wouldn't have bothered you to get a substitute story (which in all fairness needs to be recorded anyway (though in a bit of unfairness was already recorded on facebook so may be a repeat story to some)) but it will bother me until I can remember what that original story was).

This morning Alexander found some LEGO on my nightstand. 

"My wedo!" he said, snatching it off the nightstand.

"It sure is," I agreed. "And why do you think it's on my nightstand in the first place? It's not like I put it there. I'm not stealing your LEGO. Probably you put it there."

"My wedo," he repeated.

"What are you building?" I asked.

"A dun," he said, holding up a...

"A GUN?!!!?" I gasped. "How do you even know about..."

But it was too late for me. Alexander held the gun up and made rapid machine-gun fire noises at me.

"Oh, that's right," I sighed. "You have older siblings. I forgot. Thanks, Benjamin... Alexander, we don't shoot people, even with pretend LEGO guns, okay, buddy?"


"Shall we get some breakfast?" I asked Alexander.

"No," he said. "Need dubbo."

"You need to colour?" I repeated. "But it's time for breakfast."

"NEED DUBBO!" he cried. 

And so we coloured before breakfast because, as my friend Tyne pointed out, when inspiration strikes you can't fight it.

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