Friday, November 01, 2019


Years ago I thought NaBloPoMo was a joke. Like it was hard to write a blog post every day for a month? Please. That's child's play...

So I tried my hand at NanoWrimo and discovered that I'm really not a novel-of-that-length kind of a story-weaver (and that's okay because there are books of all lengths in the world). I never did finish a NanoWrimo novel. But I got my blog posts in, by golly.

And then I had more and more and more children and I'm finding that, actually, it is difficult to write a blog post every day, so perhaps NaBloPoMo would be a good thing for me to attempt once again.

I told myself this earlier in the day.

And then Alexander took until right now (it's 11:20 PM, for the record) to fall asleep , which means I was held hostage in his doorway for hours this evening (and my phone won't log on to blogger so I can't write form my phone).

So I suppose this is my first lame post for November.

Here's to more loquacious future!

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