Wednesday, June 22, 2022

COVID stats

I think we're just about settled into a state of boringness over here, which is a good thing! Initial onset of COVID seemed to be the worst stage for most of us (not the case for Andrew or Rachel, however). Now we're just...slogging through things...until we're better.

Here are some quick, boring facts...

Highest temperature:

1st place: Phoebe with 105°F
2nd place: Me with 104.2°F
3rd place: Tie between Zoë and Benjamin with 103°F, or so

Most throw up:

Overall winner: Benjamin
Runner up: Miriam, who spent Monday night puking her guts out without telling her parents because she didn't want to worry us, but then slept in until 3:00 in the afternoon (like that's not concerning).

Longest holdout:

1st place: Benjamin
2nd place: Andrew
3rd place: Alexander
4th place: Phoebe
5th place: Zoë
6th place: Miriam
7th place: Me
No place: Rachel

Most time spent crying:

1st place: Phoebe
2nd place: Alexander
3rd place: Maybe Zoë, maybe me

Number of doctor/hospital visits:

Andrew: 1 (telehealth)
Me: 1 (telehealth)
Rachel: 1 (telehealth)
Miriam: 0
Benjamin: 1 (ER)
Zoë: 0
Alexander: 0
Phoebe: 0

Medications used:

Andrew: Paxlovid, ibuprofen, Dayquil
Nancy: Ibuprofen
Rachel: Paxlovid, ibuprofen, Dayquil
Miriam: Liquid ibuprofen, liquid dayquil (she can't swallow pills)
Benjamin: Liquid ibuprofen, liquid tylenol, zofran (dissolves under tongue) and...cough drops (which he's apparently been swallowing whole like ginormous pills so he'll have no problem taking pills when the time comes)
Zoë: Liquid ibuprofen, liquid tylenol, one sip of liquid Dayquil (almost made her throw up)
Alexander: Liquid ibuprofen, liquid tylenol
Phoebe: Liquid ibuprofen, liquid tylenol

We went through 1.5 bottles of liquid ibuprofen. 

Who has the worst cough: Benjamin, hands down. 

Quickest to feel better: Zoë, Alexander, Benjamin, Phoebe

I...can't think of any other stats to mention...


  1. Very interesting! I enjoy stats...

    So no one lost taste or smell? Glad your four littles felt better quickest, and I hope everyone else is doing ok.