Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dear Baby,

I understand that you are starting to feel a little squished.

Believe me, I am feeling a little pressed for space myself. After all, your head is on my bladder, your behind is in my stomach, and your feet are repetitively and not-so-delicately placed on my ribs.

I fear I have no more room to offer you, so your only option is to come out! You are just going to keep getting bigger and I'm already full of you up to my rib cage, so there is no where else to go but out.

The world might seem like a scary place, but it's really not that bad. Besides, your dad really wants to eat cereal with you...that shaking noise you hear every morning? That's him shaking cereal boxes at you. For some reason he thinks it will help you two bond.

I'm pretty anxious to meet you, myself; and you have cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents all waiting to meet you. You'll be like a could you not want to come out?

I know you still have five days left until your due date, and even then you might want to incubate a little longer, so until you come out would you kindly disentangle your foot from my ribs and perhaps grant me a full 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep?

You'll be ruling my schedule for the next few decades so, really, it's the least you could do.

Thank you.




  1. Well, she's still inside, but...

    I did sleep last night from like 2-5, interruption free, which was wonderful! :)

    So, I guess she listened to the last part. We're still working on the meaning of "come out."

  2. I laughed heartily when I read this last night, not because of the predicament, but because you put it all rather cleverly. :) (Yes, I have no idea what you're really going through, but I anticipate the day that I do.)

    Anywho - I keep going to your blog hoping that you'll announce you're off to the hospital. :)

    Good luck!

  3. I keep hoping that I'll announce that, too! :)