Monday, July 16, 2007

The Mosquito and the Motorcycle

One of the reasons I like Andrew so much is that he attracts all the mosquitoes away from me. We will go for a walk and he'll come home with at least 10 mosquito bites while I will get one, maybe two, if any at all. They just like him so much better than they like me.

I'm not really sure why since our diets are pretty much the same, so either Andrew's blood is just more desirable than mine or I have so much extra blood right now that the mosquitoes can't poke me. Either way, I'm okay with it.

This evening he got five bites, just on one elbow. His total count is nine...for today. My total count is zero.

We first really discovered this phenomenon when my dad brought over his scooter to show us. (I realize that a scooter isn't a motorcycle, but I had to use some alliteration). Dad's car is dying and won't pass the coming inspection. Nor will it run, for that matter. So, they are donating it to the Kidney Foundation and bought a scooter. The gas mileage is amazing on these things!

While dad was showing off his bike, Andrew was dancing around slapping himself. He must have gotten bitten at least 20 times. I got a bite on each ankle--that is all.

It made me reflect to Jordan when we were infested with mosquitoes each night. Sometimes we slept with our heads under the sheet to protect them. And we found that Bounce sheets really do ward off mosquitoes. But my biggest protection was probably Andrew.

I remember some mornings when Ezra and Andrew would look like they had chicken pox compared with the rest of us. Way to take one for the team, guys!

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  1. I was especially concerned that last week before we came home. The last thing I wanted was family pics with Ezra looking like mumps kids, or perhaps a case of childhood acne...poor kid :)