Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rachel Smachel

We've fallen victim to one of the classic blunders of child-naming. The first is never name your child after a vegetable. The second, and only slightly less well known is this: never name your child something that rhymes with a swear word.

At least we're clear on that front.

Nothing rhymes with Rachel. I suppose that can be the third blunder.

I was trying to sing her a silly song the other day...I think it might have been The Quartermaster's Store, or something like that. Try it:

There was Rachel, Rachel

There are a lot of near rhymes: able...cable...satchel...but nothing really works.

After a bit of Google searching, we found the word Anglachel, a word that Tolkien made up. I suppose Rachel will be stuck trying to find Anglachel in the store, in the store.

She'll have to live with that.

She does have a few folks with whom to commiserate though. I think the only rhyme we ever came up for Patrick was "hat-trick:"

There was Patrick, Patrick
Trying to score a hat-trick

(Upon further analysis we could have also said he was being spastic).

I, on the other hand, was usually being fancy or dancy.

Andrew's name is kind of difficult, too, but at least he has a good nickname for rhyming: Andy. Dandy. Sandy. Candy. Need I go on?

There was Rach, Rach, trying to get a date...

I'll have to work on this.


  1. Amanda Panda Sandra Sue - That's my official nickname, and I'm proud of it. Of course, the panda thing became a bit of an obsession, but that's quite alright with me!

  2. I think there might be a Shelly-Belly-Boo out there among the people who read this blog, too, but I am not sure if she wants the world to know! :o)

    And my name is Myrna--which my niece Jenna thinks is the stupidest name in the world--and what rhymes with that?

    From Fancy-Dancy-Nancy's mom-pom

  3. I didn't even think of your name. I guess I just usually call you mom...and that rhymes with a lot of things.


    You're right, nothing rhymes with your name.

  4. Hmmm, the truth is, if Tolkien made up Anglachel, I can almost guarantee that it wouldn't have rhymed with Rachel anyway, no matter what Wikipedia says... "a" doesn't make a long a sound in any of the languages he used, I don't believe. :) Don't ask me how I know... But yes, that's a toughie. Good luck! I'm sure you'll come up with some little pet name fairly quickly. My mum just made them up for us...

  5. facial rhymes with Rachel