Friday, July 13, 2007

Nero, part 2

So, I'm a nero. It's true.

I have a weird obsession with Ego Googling, seeing how often sites about me come up in a Google search for Andrew Heiss.

I recently almost completed my personal website, made for professional, job-hunting purposes, since employers are now getting in the habit of Googling potential employees.

The site isn't all the way done yet, but it's at the top of my ego search! I beat out all those other Andrew Heisses, like the one born in 1902, the one who died in 1873, the one who plays fantasy card games, the student at The College of New Jersey, the rancher webmaster, or Eric Andrew Heiss, former BYU student who has a blog with an address close to ours. Now I just need to keep it up there!

How many other people get this excited over having their name be at the top of the list?

I rock.


  1. To add to your nero-hood, I'd like to point out how many hyper links you used. Sheesh! ;)

  2. That other Heiss family even has an Aunt Karen! Who are these people? Are they related to you?

  3. They aren't. And I think that their mom's name is Karen, too...

    I'm not sure about the aunt--I didn't look at their blog that much.

    Sometimes Karen will get mail for the other Karen. :)