Monday, July 09, 2007


As Andrew so aptly put it, "she was the most contented little cat there ever was."

She enjoyed attention but was a little too lazy to get it. If you called her over to you she would get up, walk two or three steps, and then plop back down, rest for a minute, get up, walk a few more paces, and then plop back down. Eventually she'd make it over to you, if she didn't decide that an ear scratch wasn't worth the effort first.

Dukie was 14 years old, which is apparently equivalent to 72 human years. That's pretty old.

Last Tuesday, the Heiss girls took Dukie to be put to sleep. She just wasn't a contented little kitty anymore, having a tumor and all sorts of other icky things happening to her. Old age sure is fun...

It was hard for Emily, especially, who was worried Dukie would die while she was out on orchestra tour. Emily can't remember life pre-Dukie. It was hard for Sarah, for whom Dukie was a best friend. It was hard for...everyone, I guess.

I think I even had a harder time than Andrew, but then again, maybe he's just not so good at expressing his emotions.

For more pictures of Dukie, see Karen's blog.

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  1. Hi Nancy! This is husband and I actually just went over to Orem Community one evening to ask a few questions about where to check in and they weren't really busy so they asked if we wanted to take a tour. So we were pretty lucky. If you can't get a hold of anyone I would just go over and see if anyone will take you on a tour. Good luck with everything, and sorry about your cute kitty!!