Monday, July 16, 2007

Whether the Weather will be wet or fine...

While I have been enduring heat and pregnancy at the same time, I guess I really can't complain. My sister, Abra, has been having quite the array of weather in her neck of the woods.

Yesterday they had a huge hailstorm, with huge hailstones!

It even broke one of their windows...

And today they have more tornado warnings.

That's southern Alberta for you.

I remember moving to Alberta and wondering why (because we moved there in December and it was freezing cold) and then getting more confused as we progressed into spring. I remember sitting at the kitchen table coloring one afternoon and every time I looked up it was like a different season outside: rain, hail, snow, sun, wind, cloudy.

Then there was the tornado that went right by our house in High River.

And then all the freak snow storms.

Weather can just be weird.

As for the heat, I woke up at four o'clock this morning and it was so hot. I checked the thermostat: 81 degrees! At 4 am!

Maybe my sister will share some of her refreshing precipitation with us!

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  1. Sounds about like England this year... up down up down in out around about... never quite know what it's going to be like.