Saturday, July 28, 2007

Milk baths, another perk of motherhood

***Disclaimer: discussion of bodily fluids follows***

As I mentioned, Rachel is a messy eater. It doesn't help that I have enough milk to feed an army of babies, either.

We have milk drips just about everywhere in our house. When we eat, Rachel uses a bib and a burp cloth and I use about three burp cloths. We usually drench everything. It's not that Rachel spits up, either. She rarely does, actually. It's just that Rachel is a very rich baby, milk wise.

I leak through everything.

I leak so much that I get milk on my pants.

I sleep laying on a burp cloth so that I don't get milk on the bed. It soaks through the cloth and onto the bed anyway.

I could probably feed Rachel continuously all day because even if I think she drains one side completely, it will start leaking everywhere as we are doing the other side.

I was getting ready to give Rachel a bath the other day when she decided she was hungry. I fed her and completely soaked one half of her towel. Her face is all shiny in the picture because it is covered in milk. Apparently milk baths are good for your skin, so I guess neither Rachel or I can really complain.

That's usually how she looks at the end of a feeding. She'll have milk all over her face and dribbling out of her mouth and if mom wasn't prepared with a burp cloth, her clothes will be soaked. She gets milk in her eyelashes and I am constantly worried that she's going to inhale milk through her nose.

I, on the other hand, can usually come away just with sticky hands and milk running down my stomach.

We really need to get a handle on things before trying this in public...

With all the milk we waste, we could probably feed a child or two in Africa. Think, Rachel, of all those mouthfuls of milk you have wasted. Your life is too easy. (And you can sit there until you finish your dinner, or you'll be having it for breakfast!)

We waste so much milk it continues to surprise me that she's actually growing, but she is.


  1. Hmmmmmmmmm.... Maybe you should have had twins? Or you could take on extra work as a wet-nurse for some very famous person and put all that extra milk to use for good money?

  2. Hey Nancy! Congratulations on your darling baby. How fun and exciting for you -- and Andrew and Rachel. My baby (Derek) is four months old now. So we have many other things (besides our name) in common at this point in our lives. I have been glancing through your notes enjoying your fun journaling. And now I am going to offer some advice, but I want you to know that I am not trying to be the know-it-all or the bragging mom, just a piece of advice I wish I got and vowed to spread to any and every breast feeding mother: Lansinoh disposable breat pads are the BEST thing in the WORLD. I spent weeks wearing sweatshirts and bundling towels... more than anyone wants to know. And then the discovery was made. They are worth every penny. So you can think I'm crazy (and/or bizarre), but take it for what it is worth. So anyway, enjoy your cute baby! I am excited for you!!