Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Busy Times

There have been complaints in our household, mostly from Andrew, that I haven’t been blogging enough. So what have I been doing instead? Applying for job after job after job, that’s what.

I have been spending so much time scrolling through job postings that my scroll finger hurts. Seriously. The pad of my index finger cringes every time I put it on the scroll button. I’m pretty sure it’s blistered or something.

Life has been going on in spite of the job search, of course.

Miriam chews on just about everything, including the floor.


It’s not like we don’t have any toys or anything. If anything we probably have too many toys. Miriam and Rachel recently had a battle over a stuffed turtle. Miriam absolutely loves it—mostly she likes to suck on its tail, but she also likes to cuddle with it when she sleeps. Rachel was really upset about the amount of time Miriam was spending with this turtle and tried to take it away from her. We had to have a talk about how it’s actually my turtle so both girls can play with it.


Rachel is really sweet to her sister, though, and brings her toys when she is upset, specifically she brings her the “best” toys. Apparently she does the same thing in nursery whenever children get upset.

We had a fun day at a grassy area near our house. We’ve been going there  a lot lately to get out of Andrew’s hair so that he can work on his thesis. We keep forgetting it exists because it used to be wild bush land. They just finished clearing and landscaping it while Karen was here so in our minds it still isn’t a part of our neighbourhood and kind of takes us by surprise whenever we see it.

IMG_5112 IMG_5114

Rachel went on a scavenger hunt for flowers. She found some yellow flowers…


…And a beautiful red flower.

IMG_5150 IMG_5161

Rachel wanted to put the flower in Miriam’s headband.


We did. And she was very cute. At least, we thought so.

IMG_5165 IMG_5168 IMG_5172IMG_5177

She wouldn’t really smile in any pictures we took of her yesterday—anytime she attempted a smile it came out more like a grimace than anything else. This morning she woke up all stuffy and sad and this evening she started running a temperature. She’s not very happy and wants to be held all the time.

This afternoon I had to run into the bedroom to do something so I left Rachel holding Miriam. When I came back, Rachel was reading Miriam a book that had been sitting beside them on the couch. She can’t actually read, but she was doing a wonderful re-telling and was turning the pages one-handed. I was very impressed.


Miriam actually seemed to be doing okay until she noticed I was in the room. And then she wanted me again…so that’s why she’s screaming in the video. That and because Rachel leans over and bites her cheek at around 0:15. I promise my girls do get along sometimes.


  1. That grass looks so great!

    Are you applying for jobs for you or for Andrew? I just know your husband is like mine and would have you be a major "helper" preparing applications. :)

  2. A few for me, but mostly for Andrew. And I quote, "Let me tell you why I'm awesome and then you can write the cover letter for me while I keep working on my thesis."

    By awesome I'm pretty sure he means "qualified for the position."

    But, yes, I am a major "helper."

  3. Your girls are so cute :) You know.. I am going to try to make it out to Utah this summer (since I can't really make it to Egypt, and I'm getting cabin fever pretty bad here in America's high-five!)
    Let me know when you get "home" and I'll try to stop by and see you guys :)

  4. Good luck job hunting! You'll find something perfect, and that will be a beautiful day for us all to celebrate.

    Your girls are beautiful.